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2X5 Frame - Nucleus Development Complete Bee Hive

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The best way to raise or overwinter your nucs.

Technosetbee 2X5-Frame Complete Beehive 

The best way to raise your nucs or overwinter weak colonies.

Ideal for multiplying your bees (5-frame splits) with caged queens.

Τhe brood box in this setup is being divided in half wich is the most efficient way to start nucleus hives. Nucs of that size require a lot less care and attention.


Overwinter, 2 small colonies together, bees will share the generated warmth and overcome harsh weather conditions much easier.

In the unfortunate case of a lost queen we can merge peacefully both colonies by eliminating the internal divider.



Product specifications:


  • 1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board
  • 2  Entrance Reducers with Sliding Doors (180 degrees opposite)
  • 1 Full Depth 9⅝ Hive Box (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 4 Hive Connectors
  • 8 Pins (Interlocking System)
  • 1 Vertical Divider
  • 2 Twin Top Inner Feeders
  • Air vents (AVS System)
  • Cleans easily with hot water 
  • 100% pure food-grade Polypropylene
  • 100% Recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • 10 Year Warranty


*Frames must be purchased separately




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