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10 Frame 12⅝ Jumbo Langstroth complete

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The famous Dadant System

Technosetbee Jumbo / Dadant Hive


C.P. Dadant experimented with many different dimensions of frame and found that deeper combs had hidden benefits. This frame size allows the queen to develop a much better laying pattern, closer to her natural habits.


To be used with deep, medium or shallow supers.


 25% more space = equal to 12 1/2  standard Langstroth frames)




  • 1 Vented Anti-Varroa Bottom Board
  • 2  Standard Entrance Reducers
  • 1 Full Depth Hive Body (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 1 Dadant Extension Module
  • 1 Hive Cover (Twin-Wall with EPS insulation)
  • 4 Hive Connectors
  • 8 Pins (Interlocking System)
  • 1 Twin Top Inner Feeder


*Frames must be purchased separately 





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